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Oct 16, 2020

Welcome back to the Rut Roundup! This week we talk to Jason Plank from Pennsylvania on how his season went last fall. Jason discovered the Hunt Fish Journal 2 years ago and here's what he wrote,

"Hey Greg, Just wanted to update you since are last correspondence.  I had incorporated scrapes and linking branches at two of my sites.  They were not set up exactly as you guys teach and I didn't even have a stand or blind at one of my sites.  The property is up for sale and I wasn't sure what was going to happen, so I didn't hang a stand.  I did however stay out of there except for running the scrapes. This past weekend, I decided to hunt one of the stands in the afternoon  I was sitting on the ground with a ghillie suit.  I saw 1 doe about an hour before dark.  The wind was swirling and she smelled something but didn't take off.  She just walked down through the woods instead of staying on the trail.  Then about 20 min. before last shooting light, this buck walked in with his nose to the ground.  He hit the trail and headed to the second scrape I had set up.  When he hit my opening, he gave me a 20 yd shot.  Next year, I will have some stands set up with the method that you guys are teaching.  I have not used mach scrapes a lot in the past, but do believe in them.  I think thats what attracted me to your method." 

 We here at the HFJ like hearing from all you guys and bringing you on the shows to tell your success stories around the Rut Functional Hunt Method.  

Thank you to all our listeners and special thank you to Jason Plank for taking the time to do this show!!