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Jul 4, 2013

This month we welcome Ron Lindner to the Hunt Fish Journal. Ron and brother Al have been true pioneers in the fishing industry with the development of the Lindner Rig and many other lures and have been on TV for more then 40 years. Ron's keen understanding of fish and their habitat has made him one of the top fisherman of all time. In this delightful interview Ron comes full circle from the humble beginnings as a child to the highly successful fishing company Lindner Media is today and goes over how to catch Muskie as well as Smallmouth Bass. The history of the Lindners as told by Ron in this podcast will delight many a angler who ever wondered how they ever got where they are today. Ron's high energy is sure to captivate the would be angler as well as the pro fisnermen! 

Thank you Ron Lindner for the time spent to do this show! And a special thank you to Ruth for all her help on this podcast!! 

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