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Jun 6, 2013

This month we welcome Lee and Tiffany to the Hunt Fish Journal , Lee and Tiffany are America's favorite hunting husband and wife team. In this hour and a half interview, Lee goes over some really great hunting tips for taking good bucks. His passion for the outdoors and the many hours spent planting food plots, running trail cameras and observing deer in their natural habitat has given the couple a keen understanding on how to pattern big bucks. Lee and Tiffany practice shooting at 100 yards!!! Lee points out that this will make you a better shot when it comes to a 40 or 50 yard shot. Lee and Tiffany's down to earth approach is not only appealing but also refreshing as this podcast captures their love of the hunt and delightful personalities. 

Thank you Lee and Tiffany for the time spent to do this show! And a special thank you to Linda for all her help on this podcast!! 

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