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Sep 14, 2018

Deer season is close and you may be wondering what to do now to get ready for the big day. In this show the HFJ goes over preparations that you should be doing right now that will pay off on opening morning and on the key days that follow. If you have not done so, get your licking branches pulled down and scented! Each steps in the Rutfunctional Hunting Method are important and you can take a nice  deer becoming a better hunter through being a better informed hunter. Understanding what causes most hunters to fail year after year is a key ingredient in the method but even this is just a part of what it takes to harvest great deer year after year. After listening to this show if you want to hear some staggering statistics go back and listen it show HFJ No.76 where it covers the amount of daylight occurrences at the stand using ths HFJ's Rutfunctional Method that you can learn to implement at your stands. Heres the link to that show Also in this show we talk to Mike Swartzentruber of Hunters Blend Coffee and the song about the Hunt Fish Journal! Awesome, We hope you enjoy his song as we did and look forward to seeing Mike in Nashville soon.

Thank you to our listeners Greg, Dan and Jerry

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