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Jan 23, 2015

 This week we welcome Brett Richardson to the Journal, Brett is a true Trophy Bass Hunter that fishes a great deal at night. Brett's experience is apparent as he goes over the different types of lures and styles of presentation used as well as the effects of weather has on bass. Brett has a DVD series of 15 DVD on how to catch giant Bass. Titles like Zoning Migratory Spring Bass, In the Zone for Vertical Spring Bass, Bite Windows for Giant Bass,The Hunt for Summer Pelagic Bass, Factoring Variables for Summer Bass, Weather Elements for Giant Bass, Equations for Fall Turnover, Quest for Fall Bass, Getting a Grip on Transitional Bass, Crucial Factors for Post-Spawn Bass, And Stealth Nightfishing Highlights. These DVDs are a great wealth of knowledge. 

Thank Brett Richardson for the time spent to do this show!!

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